Active's stars


Coralee Jarvis

“Coralee is great with client RM, she planned RM’s whole day of activities and travel in her own time, basing it on activities he enjoys doing. She told RM the plan at the start of the day so he was calm and relaxed knowing what was going to happen next, she reassured him of the plan throughout the day. On every shift Coralee is always really positive and she uses distraction techniques to help reduce RM’s anxieties.” – Michelle Davies – Positive Behaviour Senior

Coralee also received a compliment from another staff member

“Coralee has grown in confidence with both her clients and the staff that she works with, when Coralee displays confidence her clients are confident in her and when she is out and about with her clients, I have true confidence in her.”– Ricky Thompson – House Supervisor

Coralee – “Thank you for my voucher, to provide a good service I try help all my clients to achieve their best and treat all my clients how I would wish to be treated, I listen and respect all my client’s choices and support them to the best of my ability.”

Karen – “Oh wow, this really is person centred care at its best Coralee! Taking time to plan activities around a client’s likes and regularly communicating the day’s timetable is the perfect recipe for a perfect day. Great also to see the effective use of distraction techniques to manage your client’s anxieties and reduce behaviour’s. This takes constant effort to observe and notice changes. Thank you for your caring approach and commitment Coralee. I’m absolutely sure your client has a great day as a result of your work!”


Morgan Ettienne

“Morgan is committed when it comes to gaining service users interest and encouraging their engagement, this has gone a long way in minimising behaviours. When Morgan has experienced behaviours, he has been able to identify possible triggers, understand the importance of de-escalation and can explain a situation where a behaviour may have occurred or almost occurred in a clear and factual way. This helps us grow our knowledge as a team and in turn helps the service user receive the right response in times they require particular person-centred support.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Morgan also received a compliment from his client

“Morgan is awesome and good, he helps me with school work.” – KS

Morgan – “I provide my service users with a good service by always putting their best interests at heart even if they don’t think it at the time.”

Karen – “Great work Morgan. Engaging clients in meaningful activities is so important in developing their independence and increasing control over their day. Great also that you’ve observed, thought about and found solutions to the ‘stressors’ causing your clients behaviour’s. Even better that you’ve shared your learning with the team so everyone, especially your client benefit’s. No surprise that this approach has reduced behaviour’s but more importantly it has reduced anxieties for your client and enabled them to participate meaningfully in activities! Well done Morgan your efforts are very much appreciated!”


Lisa Maturine

“Lisa has stepped in this last month on more than one occasion to cover shifts particularly on Sunday’s. Her enthusiastic approach and positive attitude are appreciated. Thank-you and well done Lisa!” – Julie Bailey – Rota co-ordinator

Lisa – “I help out when I can and sometimes it can be short notice but I try work a way round it to help especially on a weekend. I also help out in both Newsome and Ovenden.”

Karen – “Ah Lisa, where do you get all that energy from? Clients and colleagues always appreciate an enthusiastic and positive ‘can do’ approach as it lifts everyone’s spirits and creates a fun loving atmosphere that everyone wants to be part of! Thanks also for covering all those extra shifts to ensure the service is staffed appropriately. Fabulous work as always Lisa!”


Geoff Beaumont

“Geoff is a very positive staff member and proactive when finding new activities for his client CC. He recently gave up his personal time to research activities to do with CC while he supported him on holiday. CC successfully found new activities that he liked and enjoyed himself thoroughly.”– Kerry Wood – Care Senior

Geoff also received a compliment from his client’s mother and another staff member.

“Geoff is a lovely staff member that always reports any concerns.” – Bev Holmes – Care Senior

“Geoff has built a really good relationship with CC.” – Joyce – Clients Mother

Geoff – “I always try to treat the clients as I would like to be treated myself. Show courtesy and try to make them smile and to enjoy working with me.”

Karen – “Another example of outstanding ‘person centred support’ at its best! These efforts make the company true to its vision of ‘improving lives by delivering person centred services’. I love you have taken time to think about widening your client’s experiences by introducing him to new activities that you think he would like. This approach develops confidence, independence and opportunities to be more involved in the community. Great also, that you take safety seriously and report concerns. We rely on support workers to be our ‘eyes and ears’ on a day to day basis and value feedback that helps us keep people safe. This is great work Geoff. Thank you for your caring, creative and professional approach but more importantly you should be proud for making your client happy!”


Jessica Hill

“Jessica is one of the most punctual staff members we have here at Active. She has a fantastic work ethic and continues to stand out amongst staff as she adapts well to changes and is very flexible in taking on extra shifts which is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jess!!– Chelsea Hillam Rota Senior

Jess also received a compliment from another staff member

“Jessica stood out during recruitment as someone who encompasses the values of the company, she was willing and enthusiastic when completing her induction training.” – Maria Semertzidou – Human Resources Manager

Jessica – Thank you so much, it is really appreciated. If I understand that an extra shift needs covering, I try to make myself available to cover and help others out when needed. I really enjoy my work and I appreciate it is hard to cover shifts with holidays and unforeseen absences, so I am grateful for the chance to help out. All the staff at active have made me feel welcome from day one and with this in mind, a nice team is a happy team and this makes me very happy to do what I can to help. Once again, thank you very much to everyone.

Karen – “Great start Jessica and nice to hear that the team have made you feel welcome to the company which you most definitely are! Upholding the company’s values of ‘care/compassion, dignity/respect, responsibility, creativity, courage, honesty and protection of safety and rights’ are really important in ensuring we deliver effective services that improve people’s lives. Taking responsibility for ensuring your training is complete is appreciated and it’s great to see you putting that learning into practice and ‘standing out’ as a skilled practitioner at this early stage. Stay enthusiastic as this creates a great atmosphere for the team and particularly your clients! Well done Jessica. Keep up the good work!”


Jade Ditchfield

“What would we do if Jade handed her notice in tomorrow? Jade and the team at Active are doing an outstanding job.” – Christine Bennet – Head of Children’s Service Kirklees

Jade also received a compliment from a staff member

“I just wanted to highlight that when all things looked bleak on Monday at 16pm and client DS was still uncovered for the evening, Jade ‘as per’ steps in to bridge a gap to allow Zahra to finish the shift and do the second half of it later on this eve. Thanks Jade!” – Martin brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Jade – “I use my life experiences to enhance the days of my clients and staff team, I make sure everyone in the team knows that they matter and that they are appreciated. Trust is a valuable thing in the challenging behaviour team as we have to look after each other in this nature of work.”

Karen – “Absolutely fabulous work Jade! You are an asset to the company and an effective leader in supporting your team to develop the specialised skills required to work in this field. It’s an absolute accolade to you that top professionals outside the company know your name and appreciate the work carried out by the team!! You go to amazing lengths to cover shifts when the rota team are absolutely stuck and this doesn’t go unnoticed! Thanks also to Zahra for her commitment and stepping in to help cover the shift. Great team work! Of course, we won’t let you ‘hand in your notice’ and I’ve already made it clear that if you ever tried then we would give you a ‘really bad reference’ ha ha only joking …. or am I????”

Karen’s Category

“To be honest it has been really difficult this month to single out the best practice I have seen. So many staff in the field and the office have achieved some amazing results and I’m just so proud of you all. Thank you so much for your hard work and professionalism in making Active such a great company!!!” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Bev Holmes

“Bev has worked her ‘socks off’ to audit and update all of her staff files. She has ensured that everyone’s documents, training, supervisions and DBS checks are up to date. Every week Bev quietly goes to amazing lengths to make sure her staff team are supported to keep the clients well, safe and happy. This takes a lot of commitment and organisation from a supervisor who takes her responsibilities seriously and cares about people. Thank you, Bev, for everything you do. We probably don’t say it enough but we really do appreciate your team work and efforts.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Bev also received compliments from her colleague

“Bev is a very supportive colleague, if you feel like you are slipping, Bev will support you to get back on track. Bev is a loyal team player.” – Kerry Wood – Care Senior


Bev – “Thank you for the positive feedback, “commitment” would be my quote as I take pride in the work that I do.”


Dan Day

“Incredible work Dan in leading and supporting your team to effectively help families and clients in crisis this month. You’ve all done such an amazing job in managing some of the most challenging behaviour’s we’ve ever seen. It hasn’t been easy and I know the team have used every ounce of creativity and skill they had. We’ve even experimented with padded clothing to keep staff safe! You and your team seam to never be defeated Dan and I know the families, and Children’s Services, really appreciate your support.  Indeed, one dad was moved to tears and I think it’s fair to say Martin has been close to that too, ha ha!” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Dan also received compliments from


“Since joining Active Dan has excelled my learning every time I have worked with him. His knowledge about the clients and their conditions is amazing and I know whenever I am stuck or struggling with something, I can rely on dans words of wisdom. He is an honest pleasure to work with and deserves a lot of credit for what he does.” – Jourdan Edwards – Support Worker


“Indeed I have been close to tears, but having such amazing, competent and interested staff sure helps make everything work and I can only admire the determination and wilfulness shown by Dan to do the best he possibly can on a daily basis. Keep up the incredible work you do as it really does make a difference to people’s lives.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager


Dan – “Thank you for recognising the work we do that goes above and beyond what is normally expected and I look forward to working with this close team that has formed in this new direction we have taken. We are going to continue to help and support the people in our care and their families to improve their lives for the better, I hope I inspire others to make a difference.”

Paige Wright, Clare Hainsworth, Sarah Booth, Hannah Brook and Cath Bowers


“Thank you to the Support Planners for your continued hard work, professionalism and team work in making sure the Clients Support Plans are truly person centred, reflect the most up to date best practice guidance and are written in a way that enables to staff to know exactly what support should be provided and how it should be done.  I hear you every day tirelessly working with clients, their families/carers and staff to make sure the plan’s effectively meet people’s needs and delivers their desired outcomes. This takes a lot of research, creativity, listening skills and desire to ‘get it right’ for everyone. The plans are the starting point (recipe) for the ‘outstanding’ service we all aspire to deliver to the people who use our services!!!!! Very well done to all of you :)” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


The team also received compliments from other staff, clients and their families.


“If I am ever unsure about something work related and don’t know who to ask, I ask Cath, Cath is my go-to, the reason she is my go-to is because she either has the answer, she knows the person who has the answer or is ready to do some solid brainstorming to help me find my next step.” – Jennifer Hirstle – Publicity Officer


“Paige is really supportive of her staff and clients, she shows her appreciation towards staff when they are working through challenging times and always has their best interest at heart.” – Jade Ditchfield – Positive Behaviour Senior


“Well done Sarah, you do a lot of brilliant work for me!” – Client – MA


“Hannah is very nice, she takes me shopping, lets me use her music in the car and sings to me!” – Client – JD


Paige – “This is great! I feel the support planning team go above and beyond in so many ways, we are in constant contact with family, clients and work with other health professionals e.g. nurses and social workers to ensure we have the best support plans meeting needs!”

Clare – “Thank you very much it’s really nice to hear. I think we are good at listening and communicating with everyone involved, I also think we work well as a team and offer each other support and advice when needed”

Sarah – “Thank you for this. I think we all do have that desire to get everything right for our clients and are willing to put in the time needed to make sure clients are happy.”

Hannah – “Thank you for this recognition, I come to work everyday with the same can-do attitude and strive to keep on assisting my clients to live their lives the way they want.”

Cath – “I always say I am just part of the team. By sharing our thoughts and knowledge we create something that is better than any of us could have done individually!”

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