Active's stars

Shannon Dougherty
“Shannon is really good at communicating with her client who can be quiet challenging at times. She has a great bond with him and has made communication boards, timetables, picture cards and printed out pictures of him – this has shown great person-centred care, adapting systems specifically for him. Shannon works with him every other week, as he’s 2 to 1. She’s gradually supporting other staff to work with him too, so he can build a relationship with other staff and they understand his communication systems.” – Steph Denison – Communications Manager
Shannon also received a compliment from another staff member
“Shannon works well with children who have challenging behaviours and is able to recognise the triggers, de-escalate behaviours and is really good at communicating with children who are non-verbal. She shows good work ethic and is always willing to step in and help where is needed, she had really good knowledge of the clients she works with and is able to support staff.” – Rebecca Calvert – Ovenden Day Centre Coordinator
Shannon – “I just always ensure that I have the client’s best interests in mind and try to develop different ways and methods to keep his behaviour under control and alongside Rebecca introduce him to different staff on a slow basis at hourly intervals so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.”
Karen – “Fabulous work Shannon. Communication is the key to ensuring your client has choice and control over their day and opens up their world. Communication and behaviour management go hand in hand by reducing frustrations and facilitating full involvement in activities. I also like how you have made sure your colleagues understand how to support this client correctly and ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the process. You really have gone above and beyond to make sure your client is happy and fully engaged with activities. Well done Shannon and thank you.”

Sean Reast

“Sean has shown great potential and hit the ground running with his client who has challenging behaviour, he has achieved so much in a short space of time. Sean takes the time to really get to know his client and is always enthusiastic and remains positive however challenging the situation, Sean showed this within his first couple of shifts when dealing with difficult situations, Sean was able to move the situation on and dealt with it in a professional way that was client focussed and the best possible outcome achieved. This showed he really understood his training and used all the knowledge passed on from his seniors and colleagues.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager
Sean also received a compliment from another staff member
“Sean is a natural at managing behaviours and takes feedback on board.” – Ashley Craven – House Manager
Sean – “I really enjoy my job and have taken the time to get to know each client individually and I’m glad my approach has had such a positive outcome, also following each person-centred care plan has helped me a lot.”
Karen – “Fabulous work Sean. Getting to know your client, their likes, dislikes, preferences and ways is key to providing person centred support. It ensures your client is fully involved in activities and does as much for themselves as possible which promotes independence and helps them develop new skills. Negotiation skills is also very important in reducing frustrations and supporting clients to self-manage behaviours. A positive ‘can do’ attitude can go along way in improving everyone’s day. Welcome to Active Sean and keep up the great work.”

Nicola Moorhouse
“Nicola has picked up extra shifts on Friday’s & Saturdays for us over the last few weeks and has changed the centre where she works at last minute without any question.” – Julie Bailey – Rota co-ordinator
Nicola also received a compliment from another staff member
“All round brilliant team player who goes above and beyond, doing more than what was asked of her. She helped dish out food at lunch time, did extra cleaning and helped assisting clients onto the bus. She is really helpful.” – Tina Campbell – Group leader
Nicola – “I always check the bee app and double check with the group leaders or Julie at Newsome if there’s any changes. I just make sure I do my job at a person-centred level, Thank you.”
Karen – “Great team work Nicola. Organising resources and making sure everything happens safely and smoothly makes a difference to everyone’s day. It’s great when people ‘roll up their sleeves’ and just do whatever is required to ensure the clients enjoy their day. Well deserved winner of this category Nicola and your efforts and commitment are very much appreciated”

Bryony Shaw

“Whilst having a meeting with Carol to discuss Jamie’s team and staff performance, Carol stated ‘Bryony is just great, she comes in to work in a positive mood and just gets on with any jobs that need completing, especially the cleaning and always makes sure it gets done to a really good standard. She doesn’t like sitting around, so is always looking for the next thing to do and motivates others in the team too. She encourages Jamie to join in and go out for walks. Bryony is fantastic at using signs with Jamie, she has really got it! She uses her facial expression and body language to really engage Jamie, which is just what he needs! ”– Carol Thomas – Clients mother
Bryony – “Thank you, I like to make sure everything is done so that assisting my client with his daily routine runs smooth. Also, like Carole said I don’t like to sit around I would rather be doing something. I try to set an example so if my client sees me doing it he sometimes likes to join in with sweeping or washing up.”
Karen – “Wow Bryony, it’s a great accolade to get a compliment like this from a parent and just shows how much dedicated work is appreciated by families. I don’t know what to thank you for the most here, your positivity, high standard of work, motivating colleagues and the client or fantastic communication and engagement skills. They are all important skills and attributes and makes a difference to a client’s day. Its true that great care changes people’s lives. Good work Bryony and very well done!”

Emma Reast

“Emma is a great attribute to our team, she puts herself out there to help out with any uncovered shifts which is greatly appreciated. She has settled in very well and we are very impressed with her overall performance.!” – Chelsea Hillam – Rota Senior
Emma also received compliments from another staff member and a client’s mother
“I have worked with Emma on a handful of shifts, she picks up instructions instantly, she really understands how to preserve the dignity of her clients and does this effortlessly.” – Jennifer Hirstle – Support Worker
“Emma is really friendly, consciences and reliable, she listens to her clients and takes it all on board.” – Yvonne Hobson – Clients Mother
Emma – “Thank you for the positive feedback. I will always try my best to help out when I can to ensure my clients have the continuity of care.”
Karen – “Oh Emma, it is wonderful to see such commitment to caring for your clients and it’s great that you understand the importance of continuity of care in making sure people are supported by staff who know them well. It helps make sure they have a happy, productive and meaningful day. This is a really good start to your employment with Active. We’re glad to have you in our team. Keep up the brilliant work!”

Daisy Hall

I would like to nominate Daisy for her unyielding commitment and professionalism in ensuring issues are dealt with and staff supported to provide the best possible care. She works extremely hard and has put me additional hours including on her days off to make sure everything gets done. – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager – Director
Daisy also received compliments from other staff members and clients
“Daisy has shown commitment to Active by working until a task is complete, this includes her days off. Recently she did an amazing job in pulling together an evidence file in relation to a safeguarding matter which was thorough, detailed and effective.” – Sharon Weavill – Day Services Manager
“Daisy has shown me the ropes and been very welcoming, thanks Daisy!” – Hayley Ryan – Care Manager
“Daisy is very good and helps me quickly with everything.” – BW – Client
“Daisy has really supported me through Active, she is a credit to the team and always a pleasure to speak to.” – DP – Client
Daisy – “Finally!! I am committed to my role and working on tasks until they are complete, safeguarding isn’t just a 9 – 5 job.”

Simon Brayshaw
Thanks Simon for all your hard work and holding the department together while Maria was on holiday. You took on extra jobs without question and learned about systems that were new to you. You organised meeting rooms and thought everything through so the meetings ran smoothly. I even seem to remember you dashing out to cover a few shifts in between. Great team work Simon and your efforts were very appreciated. – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director
Simon also received a compliment from another staff member
“Simon is an approachable and reliable colleague, he is always willing to help and if he doesn’t have the answer immediately he will come back to you with it.” – Kerry Wood – Senior Support Worker
Simon – “I was very happy to complete these tasks as they are part of my role, I make sure I come to work with a positive attitude ready to give 110%. Thank you very much for the voucher, this will go towards my Halloween costume for the party!”

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