Active's stars


Luke Lortie

“Luke’s client was having a difficult time managing his anxieties, therefore leading to behaviours, so we set up a very specific plan for his needs. I came out to see Luke’s client before Christmas, to go through his updated plan and work with Luke. Luke showed a real interest in helping him to engage in fun activities, whilst also being mindful of keeping his anxieties low. It was great to see Luke come up with new suggestions and his own ideas to use with his client. Luke demonstrated he could actively support his client by stepping up/down the support depending on his levels of anxiety.

Luke has also been consistently using the social story put in place, which has proven really beneficial to his client, as he now uses the story to help manage his own anxieties. Luke’s calm, encouraging and positive attitude is exactly what his client needs, so he feels reassured and can build a trusting relationship with his staff member.

“Luke is fantastic with his client, he follows his new plan brilliantly. He helps his client have a fun and relaxed day at the centre. Luke recognises the signs before his client about to become anxious and manages to distract him with calming activities to prevent any behaviours. Luke has made the transition from mum and dad in a morning very relaxed and his client transitions straight over to him to start his day at the centre. Brilliant work Luke, well deserved.”– Lauren Sutcliffe – Group Leader

Lily (LD Nurse) gave me feedback after she’d been to see Luke’s client after Christmas. She said the visit went really well, staff were following the plan, took on board advice and Luke’s client appeared to have lower anxieties than she’d previously seen.”– Steph Denison – Communications Manager

“Brilliant work Luke, this award is so well deserved. Active worked in partnership with the LD nurse to devise strategies to reduce the client’s anxieties. By following the plan and putting these strategies into practice you have achieved the desired outcomes and this has been recognised by the nurse. I am further impressed that you have also creatively come up with your own activity ideas and this has enhanced the client’s enjoyment of the day and participation in meaningful activities. Well done Luke this is exactly what our work is about!!!!”– Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Luke – “Having good communication is a good, clear first stepping stone.  Once you have a connection with your client it makes every other interaction easier and the development process easier as well.”


Nasar Hussain

“Nasar has worked competently and reliably with one of our clients for many months, Nasar has taken on more and more responsibilities and done this happily to help his client and his family cope with everyday life. Nasar has developed a great working relationship with his client who can be very reluctant to receive support and is very proud young man. This has required Nasar to understand his client and the best way to encourage and prompt tasks. Nasar has been able to do this consistently well for a long time whilst maintaining a good friendly working environment and gaining the respect of his client and their family. Nasar is a strong reliable staff member and has manged to avoid many possible behaviours with his client by following the support plan and adhering to strategies put in place. I would like to thank Nasar for his hard work and commitment to Active.  Keep up the good work!!!” – Martin Brook – Senior Manager, Operations

“Nasar is very reliable and works very hard with his client. He is good at communicating and encouraging participation in new ideas and activities. Nasar always engages with his client and maintains a good relationship with his client’s family.” – Kerry Wood – Care Senior

“Great work Nasar, this is extremely caring and you should be proud that your patient and sensitive approach has reduced stress levels for both the client and his family thus promoting resilience. Reliability is really important and we know that this is one of the qualities that clients and families really appreciate. It builds trust and respect and this has opened the door for you to deliver effective care and support which ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of the client and their family. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism Nasar. It’s very much appreciated.”– Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Nasar – “The greatest way to provide good service to one’s client is to be empathetic, patient and understanding to their condition and in doing so it’s easy to figure out how to look after them in a manner which will not only make their lives stress free and less tense but also the people around them. Working for this company has taught me a lot in the sense of developing my skills, these skills include time keeping, resilience under stress, patience, mental dexterity, respect and most important of all a good sense of humour. These combined with the support given from management have allowed me to flourish within this company and for that I am really thankful.”

CATEGORY 3 – ROTA STAR (Day Services)

Courtney Davis

“Courtney has stepped in to pick up additional hours to help cover holidays & sickness. She is always polite, courteous and fully committed to everything she does especially her clients. Well done and keep up the hard work Courtney!” Julie Bailey – Rota co-ordinator

“Courtney is a well valued member of staff! She is always on time, always willing to pick up extra shifts and is committed to her work and clients she works with. She is always going that extra mile!” – Rebecca Calvert – Ovenden Day Centre Co-ordinator

“Thank you, Courtney, for your commitment to your clients, colleagues and Active. Clients really appreciate the consistency of support by someone who knows and cares about them. Your respectful and attentive approach is how we spot if someone ‘is not quite themselves’. This helps us keep people ‘safe’.  We really appreciate your reliability and enthusiasm to make sure clients have the best day possible. Excellent attitude Courtney and outstanding team work :)” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Courtney – “Knowing we all work as a team to cover hours where possible, when I am asked to work, I communicate with Julie to organise a suitable plan for me to work – without causing myself to have sickness periods.”

CATEGORY 4 – ROTA STAR (Home/Community Services)

Helen Senior

“Helen works with a number of different clients based over in North Kirklees and she is committed to every single one of them! Helen is hard working, reliable and always willing to step in and help out at last minute whenever she can, it’s greatly appreciated. Helen will give anything a go and nothing seems to phase her – thanks for all your efforts Helen, it hasn’t gone unnoticed!” – Daisy Hall – Senior Manager, Quality Compliance

“Helen works with 2 of my clients, she can pick up when he is un well and will always ring me to let me know, she is now working with a new client and has had the best shifts with her so far, Helen can make her feel at ease and settle her anxiety, so well done for this Helen and keep up the good work.” – Bev Holmes – Care Senior

“Thanks, Helen for your caring and person centred approach towards your new client. I know you took the time to find out what she likes to talk about and how she likes to be supported so that she feels safe. Consequently, you were able to demonstrate to all of us that it was possible to reduce the ladies anxieties and improve behaviour. Having shared your learning with the team the support provided has gone from strength to strength and the lady has increased her participation in local clubs and activities. This is fantastic work Helen and we very much appreciate your efforts.”– Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Helen – “I approach all my clients as individuals and aim to provide the best support to keep them living as independent as possible.”


Paul Heaton

“Paul recently joined the Newsome team and has settled in really well. He has been flexible in his approach to hours and got to know the clients he is working with which enables him to offer a more varied and person-centred approach. He has developed relationships with colleagues by asking for advice and information about clients and centre processes. He has been prepared to work whatever hours he is needed, he has driven a variety of centre vehicles and has now picked up driving and working at 629 club. Good work Paul!”– Sharon Weavill – Day Services Manager

“Paul has settled in really well at Newsome and has become a great addition to the team.” – Simone Kelly – Centre Coordinator

“Great work Paul! Thank you for your flexibility in doing what it takes to make the service work. Getting to know your client, their preferences and ways is key to providing person centred support. It’s also how we spot something is ‘not quite right’ to protect safety. I always think that staff who work regularly with a client hold the key to how to support them best so that they are happy and get the most out of their day. It’s great that you consult and listen to the views of yours colleagues and I believe we can all improve our skills and knowledge un this way. Brilliant work Paul and very much appreciated by all of us”- Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Paul – “Thank you for nominating me, I work in a way to help my clients get the best out of their care. It’s so important to me that they achieve goals set in their care plan and also to help find them new interests and activities to enjoy.”


Leszek Plaza

“During my time at Active I have been given lots of positive feedback about how kind and caring Leszek is towards his clients, he goes above and beyond for them and is reactive to any feedback given. When working with Clients he has many positive suggestions to help them continue to meet their outcomes. Staff who work with Leszek have also commented on his drive to ensure his clients get the best out of the care package.” – Hayley Ryan – Manager of Seniors and House Supervisors

“Leszek is a good member of staff that understand clients’ needs and has lots of suggestions that staff take on board. All staff that work with him always have positive feedback and enjoy working with him.” – Zahra Ahmed – Care Senior

“He shows he genuinely cares for his client and is always willing to join in, Leszek has a great amount of patience in testing situations.” – Jade Ditchfield – Positive Behaviour Coordinator

“Great work Leszek! I don’t know what to praise first? We value that you think creatively to find ways that your client can meet their outcomes, that you care and make sure they have a good day, that you take time to understand their needs and your dedication and patience to work through difficult circumstances. I particularly love how you have shared your learning and knowledge with your colleagues and that they have then been able to improve their practice. This is what makes a strong team that works in the best interests of the people we support. Well done Leszek and thank you for your absolute commitment to the service!!” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Leszek – “Thank you very much. I always worked with people since I finished my university education. I was studying social work and culture education. I’m always asking myself how I would like to be treated. I’m trying to understand my client and give him or her all the best from my knowledge and family experience.  It’s very simple if you care.”

CATEGORY 7 – OFFICE STAR (including trainers and group leader’s)

Hayley Ryan

“Oh, my goodness me what an amazing month January was and how many plates can you spin at once Hayley? Everyone ‘stepped up’ and I want to thank you for your leadership in improving the senior spreadsheet system, concerns log, company systems audit process and administration to set up the Good and Outstanding Quality Improvement Workshops.

Hayley has set up a central system; that she manages, where by all concerns in the company (no matter how small and whatever they relate to) are held on a central spreadsheet so that we can log and take action to protect people’s safety.

Hayley, you’ve really ‘fitted in well’ to the team and we all appreciate your measured, friendly and professional approach to work.

Here’s to a hectic but rewarding year.” – Karen Pogson – Director/Registered Manager

“Hayley is a FAB manager and I feel valued and supported effectively” Zahra Ahmed – Care Senior

“Hayley has immediately become a key player in the team.  We have to keep reminding ourselves that she has only been with us a short time. She adapts her style and approach to the situation so everyone feels able to ask for her sage advice and support.” Cath Bowers – Support Planning Manager

“Hayley has been a great addition to the team. She fit in straight away and always has a listening ear available whenever you need her. It feel as if she’s always been here. TOP LASS!” – Sarah Booth – Support Planner

Hayley – “Firstly, thank you for this award, it’s always nice to have your hard work recognised. I couldn’t have been made more welcome by a wonderful team of staff which has allowed me to settle in quickly.

The concerns monitor is a simple process of having staff and client concerns monitored to ensure we can action and monitor ongoing to ensure fast results. I work closely with all individual departments to make sure we have good communication across the service. This ultimately means we have an effective and responsive service, that we are continually improving.”


Ash Craven

“Ash I have to admire your tenacity in leading your team to find ways to progress client skills and wellbeing. You have developed monitoring systems, and worked with your team and clients to find ways to understand and resolve any issues. This has been an effective approach and I congratulate you and your team for the amazing results you have achieved. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism Ash :)”– Karen Pogson – Director/Registered Manager

“Ash is a great house manager, he always has time for me whenever i need him. he has a way of making situations that appear quite difficult, very simple! He works his socks off too.” – Sean Reast – Support Worker

“I’ve actually known Ash for many years both on a personal and professional basis. Since Ash has taken over as manager at Paddock Close he has become not only a manager but a team member.  He gets stuck in with the cleaning and ironing, not expecting staff to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.  He is approachable and I feel he listens to our concerns and ideas to make Paddock Close a happy place to live for our clients. We are kept up to date with any news or changes with a weekly email which I feel is a great way of keeping staff in the know.  Ash is very focused and committed to our clients at Paddock Close needs being met by working in a person centred way. He is constantly looking at how we can all pull together to improve client behaviours some of which I am excited about getting involved with myself.  This all goes towards a happy home and happy staff working together being a team.Well done Ash!” – Jackie Liversidge – Support Worker

“Ash is doing a great job managing the services users and staff team.” – Michael Castle – Support Worker

“Ash is very approachable and is always willing to give support and advice when dealing with any challenging behaviours or tasks. Ash also communicates very well with his staff team to keep everybody in the loop.”  – Craig Brook – Finance Senior

Ash – “Wow, feeling very humbled by what people have said!  As cliché as this is going to sound, the home wouldn’t be a success without the staff team all pulling together.  It’s a cracking team to lead and the positivity and energy around, certainly rubs off the clients.  To undertake a role like this is more of a lifestyle choice for everybody involved. I view my role as being of service to the staff team and clients. I try my best to support them both no matter what time of day that is and the most rewarding thing is getting that same commitment back from every member of staff which then breeds success for the house residents so I thank you all for this!”

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