Active's stars


Azim Alam

“Azim has developed a great relationship with his client. Azim follows his client’s communication plan and helps her communicate her needs. He keeps her engaged in activities and I’ve heard great feedback from his senior, group leaders and other support staff on how well he works with his client to keep her happy and calm. Whenever he is not sure of something, he asks for support but also comes up with new ideas to try with his client. This has been proven when looking at her behaviour monitoring records, in 2017 she was having between 1-5 behaviours each month, in 2018 there have been 0 – 1 every month! Great work Azim!” – Steph Denison – Communications Manager


“Azim has motivated his client to use his Makaton and I have observed him walking around with a Makaton sign list in his pocket to engage with his client at every opportunity. He turned this into a game for Christmas using signs for presents and cards and his client engaged. He signs good morning to him and has taken time out to learn these signs to support his client. Well done Azim for thinking out of the box.” – Zahra Ahmed – Senior Support Worker


“Azim works really well with my daughter. She always looks forward to coming to Active on a Sunday and has a really good relationship with Azim.” – Client’s Mother

“Communication is the key to opening up people’s worlds so that they can fully participate and engage with activities. When people are supported to make choices and communicate their decisions in this way it understandably reduces frustrations. No wonder this has resulted in a reduction of behaviour’s!!!!! Excellent work Azim. It’s great that you’ve put your training into practice and that you care enough to come up with your own ideas to make communication real for your client. This is what our job is about. You should be proud if this work!!!! Thank you for your efforts.”– Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Azim – “To ensure I provide a good service I put my client’s needs first and I also think of different ways to keep my clients engaged in activities.”



Andrew Wilkinson

Andrew agreed to help out and picked up an extra shift over the Christmas period with a client who can display behaviours that challenge.  Andrew managed the situation very well and conducted himself professionally at all times. He was able to come up with ideas and suggestions of what we could do to prevent his clients behaviours in the future, i.e. Andrew noticed that the client did not appear to respond well to being in a busy environment. Andrew suggested a different activity for the day to avoid this and was praised by the second staff member, who commended Andrew for his skill in resolving a challenging situation and making it safe again.

This is the kind of commitment and involvement we like to see from our staff. Well done Andrew, keep up the good work.” – Martin Brook – Senior Manager, Operations

“It was my pleasure to work with Andrew, Andrew knew exactly how to handle every challenging behaviour throughout the shift, he has excellent skill’s in resolving a challenging situation. Thank you, Martin, for giving me the opportunity to work with Andrew on that day. Well done Andrew!” – Sameena Lunat – Support Worker

“Fabulous work Andrew! Behaviour is communication and it’s great that you took the time to understand what was causing your clients anxieties and that you addressed these. Also, what a perfect example of effective team work in sharing your ideas and learning with the office so that the Support Plan could be adapted enabling the whole team to benefit from your insight. Ultimately, the client had a great day and this is what it is all about. Thank you for your efforts Andrew, they are much appreciated!!!” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Andrew – “Thank you for the lovely commendations from my colleagues. Being of good service means attempting to give the opportunity for our clients to have an escape from the perceived difficulties of their disabilities, to feel included, to have meaningful choices and activities, to share time and space with others and to be truly cared for. Glad to be of service. Andrew.”


CATEGORY 3 – ROTA STAR (Day Services)

Debbie Zworsky

“Debbie has picked up extra shifts at the drop off a hat recently, she has accepted shifts offered with enthusiasm and has had a positive attitude. Debbie picked up an extra shift when we had our Christmas fair and ended up spending what she earned on gifts/crafts, thanks Debbie!” – Julie Bailey – Rota co-ordinator


“Debbie is a star worker loved by all of her clients, Debbie’s communication skills are excellent, they really help our clients to have the best day. She is always on the ball and is a great asset to the team.” – Simone Kelly – Centre Coordinator


“Wow Debbie, this is perfect! Positivity and enthusiasm is really important in creating a vibrant atmosphere for the service. Supporting clients in accordance with the support plan ensures safety and that we follow the best practice guidelines to effectively meet people’s needs. But as you rightly point out the bottom line is that the client has fun and enjoys their day!!! Well done Debbie and thank you for your continued care and commitment to the service. It is very much appreciated!!!! ” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Debbie – “What a lovely surprise to win this! Thank you! I absolutely love my job, it’s a pleasure to work with such a fantastic team who always pull together to make sure clients have the very best day possible.

It’s essential that my client’s needs are met fully according to their care plan and that they have as much fun as possible whilst in my care. Thanks again!”




CATEGORY 4 – ROTA STAR (Home/Community Services)

Romail Tahir

“Romail is a very polite and courteous member of staff who has worked out brilliantly with every client/clients’ families who he’s met so far. He is punctual and hardworking and is a real asset to the staff team. Over the Christmas Holidays, Romail picked up additional hours to help support the children he usually supports on a weekend whilst they were off school. He was extremely helpful and even stepped in last minute to help when a client was let down by another service. Well done Romail – keep it up!” – Daisy Hall – Senior Manager, Quality Compliance

“Romail always comes into the office with a positive attitude.” Maria Semertzidou – Human Resources Manager

“Romail is flexible and helpful when covering shifts, he is a pleasure to talk to.” – Ben Kirk – Rota Officer

“This is fantastic work Romail! It is so thoughtful of you to reorganise your personal commitments to accommodate service demands. We try hard at Active to support families manage their additional caring duties and appreciate how hard this must sometimes be. I love your professional approach to work and indeed Sharon Weavill had also commented to me on how polite, caring and thoughtful you are. This sets a respectful culture in the service which, as you rightly say, ‘rubs off’ on everyone around you. Thank you very much for this excellent work Romail. We appreciate your efforts.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Romail – “When the rota team calls me to cover a shift I do my best to move things around so that I can work, I lead by example, I am selfless and respectful around clients and staff, it rubs off onto others.”



Adam Smith

“Adam is committed to his client, he does his best to ensure that any difficulties faced by his client are forgotten when he is at day care. He has worked especially hard to improve communication, vary his outings and improve his healthy eating. He has worked hard to implement a varied and enjoyable activity plan and his client’s family really appreciate his input.”– Sharon Weavill – Day Services Manager


“Adam is a great worker, he is very caring and comes up with new ideas for what clients can do with their time at the centre and out in the community. He is always very helpful when asked to do things round the centre and is a great asset to the team.” – Simone Kelly – Centre Coordinator


“This is wonderful work Adam! I don’t underestimate how much thought you must have put in to ensure your client has a good day. Adapting activities, facilitating communication, encouraging healthy eating and creating opportunities for your client to try new things is perfect. It’s completely what the service is about. No wonder the family is delighted with your work. Thank you also for being such a brilliant team player. I can see Simone really appreciates your helpfulness and commitment. This is a great attitude Adam and I thank you for your professionalism.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Adam – “I focus on helping my clients have the best day possible; I offer them activities and encourage other clients to join in. Thanks for the award!”




David Scarlett

“David’s client has phoned me several times this month telling me what a lovely man David is and how he really enjoys spending time with him going to the shops and for ice cream. Over the last few weeks when I have spoken to David’s clients, I have really noticed a change in him, although he still experiences low moods there is no sign of this whilst he is out and about with David. David told me that his client is delighted to meet with people when they are out and about, his tone is much brighter when he speaks to him and he feels he is getting a lot out of his care package. A brilliant match!” –Hayley Ryan – Manager of Seniors and House Supervisors


“David is brilliant and really kind, he is supporting me to be healthy.” – David’s client


“I introduced David to one of his clients and knew when they met that they would be a great match, David is understanding, pleasant and enthusiastic. I am so pleased that David has started working for us!” – Jennifer Hirstle – Publicity Officer


“David, I really do have to commend your hard work on this package. The client rang me himself to tell me what a difference your support had made to his wellbeing. That is an accolade in itself and you should be very proud of this. It is so conscientious of you to research activities that might be of interest to your client prior to undertaking your shift. This degree of planning makes for a meaningful day and is so professional. Thank you for your efforts David. They are appreciated by all of us on the team but especially the client.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

David – “I followed what it said in the care plan, I took an interest in their interests, I discuss with the activities they would like to do, if they are feeling down I listen then bring the conversation round to more a positive things such as activities we are doing today. I research different activities and places to go in the area and then let them choose but many times they have already worked out an agenda for the day.”


CATEGORY 7 – OFFICE STAR (including trainers and group leader’s)

Ricky Thompson, Daisy Hall and Martin Brook


“Cath has nominated Ricky for his determined and thorough work in sorting out ‘universal credit’ on behalf of his clients resulting in a substantial ‘back payment’ for one of them. The whole system had been extremely difficult to navigate but you kept at it in the interests of making sure your client received their full entitlement. A very well-done Rikki and we’ll be getting your advice on the others we are processing. :)” – Karen Pogson – Director/Registered Manager


“A huge thank you to Daisy and Martin for going out of their way to ‘chase down’ the unpaid invoices so rapidly. It’s certainly improved the company’s cash flow and now all we have to do is …..keep it there! Very much appreciated guys.” – Mark Pogson – Director


“I feel Ricky needs to be recognised for the time, effort and commitment that he puts in to his staff and more importantly his clients.  He works flexibly to undertake activities around his clients wishes and needs and he is also a support to his client’s mother.” – Kerry Wood – Care Senior


“Ricky is dedicated and will go above and beyond with everything he does within his team. His commitment is outstanding and nothing is too much trouble.” – Bev Holmes – Care Senior


“Ricky is such a fabulous team player and always helps out in a crisis! His clients adore him, and he makes such a huge difference to their quality of life. Nothing is too much work. Thanks Ricky, you’re a star!” – Daisy Hall – Care Manager


Ricky – “I like to think I treat all clients has individuals and treat them has I would want to be treated we are all a small part of a large jigsaw and all we can do is to find the way we can all fit together.”


Daisy – “Thanks Mark for this nomination. Sometimes a gentle ‘push in the right direction’ to the right people is all that’s needed!”


Martin – “Thanks for this, keeping cash flow on point and ensuring the service is receiving the funds to continue doing a fantastic job is a big priority to me, and moving forward will help us grow further to better the lives of more and more individuals who require our support.”






Rebecca Calvert, Lauren Sutcliffe, Sharon Calvert and Callum Bull


“Many thanks to Rebecca, Lauren and Sharon for organising and running a fabulous Christmas party for the children and parents at the Ovenden Centre. A lot of thought went into planning the event to make sure everyone could take part and have a good time. The food was great and I loved the sleigh that Sharon made.

In addition to all of this they organised a raffle and raised £110.50 for The Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

Also, thank you to Callum for being an amazing Father Christmas, the children loved it.
A special ‘shout out’ also to all the team who helped out on the day to make this such a special event. Great effort as always guys and very much appreciated by everyone.


Hope to see you at the party next year Rebecca with a couple of lil’ grotto elves of your own :)” – Karen Pogson – Director/Registered Manager


“The Ovenden team did a great job in preparing and pulling together to ensure that all the children had a great time at the Christmas party. From decoration’s to party food, from Santa to selection boxes, it was brilliant. The photos show how happy the children were, you did a great job!” – Sharon Weavill – Day Centre Manager



Rebecca – “Aw thank you, to say it was my first party I enjoyed it! I went above and beyond to organise the raffles, prices, food and decorations. I delegated jobs out to staff to get them involved and it was all positive, they are always willing to help out so well done to the staff that did. I always work to my best ability putting the clients first to see them have the best time and it is great to see the smiles on their faces! It’s rewarding and when you have a fabulous team behind you that all get stuck in! It’s a good atmosphere. – Oh yes Karen I’m sure my two little grotto elves will be the star of next year’s party, put me on the V.I.P list!”


Lauren – “Thank you for this compliment, really appreciate it. I feel that we go above and beyond doing the children’s Christmas party to ensure the children and their family members have an amazing Christmas. Seeing their happy face makes it all worth it.”


Sharon – “Ooo, I have won another award? This is brilliant especially for doing what I love. I love to be creative, set me a challenge and l will be willing to do it!! Also love getting clients involved, seeing them take part and smiling and being creative, I adapt activities so my clients can help and take part!

Helping out at the Christmas party was especially fun! All the children smiling and having fun!

I think Rebecca Calvert did well to organise it and staff that helped out. Good team work.”


Callum – “I make sure I have good preparation and a good mental/positive attitude, I give 100% of my attention and always engage in what my clients want to do. It is important that I meet their wishes as much as is possibly can.”




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