On Thursday 10 January visitors to The Piece Hall in Halifax will be able to take part in an immersive experience designed to help people to understand more about the sensory differences faced by autistic people.

The Autism Reality Experience vehicle, which will be available from 11:00am – 5.00pm on Thursday 10 January

Developed by Training 2 Care, the event will be open to the public in the historic building’s courtyard from 11.00 – 17:00, and will provide a practical experience that aims to give people an insight of what it’s like to live with a condition on the autistic spectrum.

People taking part are given simple tasks to do, while distracted by flashing lights, noises smells and textures, mimicking the increased environmental sensory input often experienced by people with autism.

This is a free event that is open to all. Each session will last around 5-10 minutes.

The experience has been brought to Calderdale as part of a joint commitment by organisations working across the borough, including Calderdale Council and the NHS, to raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and improve the care available in our area.

Rhona Radley, Deputy Head of Service Improvement at NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“It’s a matter of fact that the way we go about diagnosing ASD and the care available to both children and adults has to change for the better. One part of doing that is to raise awareness of the affect these conditions have on people and how it affects the way they experience the world.

“By giving people a chance to take part in the Autism Reality Experience we hope to give people an appreciation of what it’s like for people living with these conditions, and help build an understanding of why we’re committed to improving care for people with ASD.”

This information was taken from https://www.calderdaleccg.nhs.uk/autism-reality-experience-comes-to-the-piece-hall/

For more information and videos please follow the link above.

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