Brent’s Story


On the morning of Tuesday the 2nd of January, I went to visit my client, however when I got to the door there was no reply, as I felt like this was out of the ordinary for my client I went back an hour later and there was still no reply. I had to leave at that time but I made 22 phone calls throughout the day to my client’s landline, I returned at tea time but again there was no reply!

I was very concerned so I visited all the neighbours and found out he was last seen New Year’s Eve, I telephoned the office and I was told I was the man on the spot and I should do what I thought was best.

I called 101 and explained the situation, the police arrived and we broke into my clients home where he was found on his bedroom floor; my client was awake but could not speak and was very clearly in distress. An ambulance arrived 30 minutes later, during that time I laid on the floor with my client, held his hand and reassured him constantly, he cried at being found, he was taken away by the ambulance staff who told me by the morning he wouldn’t have been alive.

My message to all staff is this… “If something doesn’t feel right, do something about it! Don’t wait, do something at once and also call the office”.

very proud to be working with...