Support in our Activity Centres: Adults, Children & Young People

Active runs clubs in different Activity Centres which offer a range of both high energy and relaxing social activities as well as educational, volunteering and work-related opportunities. Our group settings encourage the development of social and independence skills as well as increasing confidence.

Who are the clubs for?

Active organises activities in different spaces so people with different support needs can be accommodated at the same time. This includes having noisy areas as well as calming and quiet spaces so we can accommodate people with:

  • Profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • Moderate or severe learning disabilities
  • Autistic spectrum conditions or traits
  • Behaviours that challenge (a risk assessment is undertaken to ensure the behaviours can be managed in a way that doesn’t impact on other clients)
  • Personal care needs
  • Wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • Health-related support needs e.g. support with PEG, Epipen, medication, buccal midazolam, stoma care etc.

Support Packages

Support packages and prices are flexible and can include:

  • Different levels of support depending on what you need or you can ‘drop in’ with your own Support Worker
  • Transport and/ or lunch
  • Variable hours of service (most people come for 6 hours including transport).
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