How Active Social Care changed my life


When moving away from my old care team and moving to Active I was very nervous, I had gotten used to my old support workers and didn’t know what to expect from the new staff members.

I only had a couple of hours a week but these couple of hours came to be my most productive hours.

In the 2 years, I have been with Active so much has changed, I have become a new person.

My health has improved by the staff member-

  • Taking me new places to go walking
  • Helping me sign up to the gym and have an induction so I can go alone
  • Taking me to my weekly shop to show me what meals I can make to be healthy
  • Introducing technology that will remind me to take my medication and drink plenty of water.
  • Introducing me to hobbies so that I don’t feel the need to go drinking at the pub as often.

It’s not just me that has changed, it is also my house.

Active helped me find workers to-

  • carpet and wall paper my house
  • fix my plumbing
  • put in an outdoor hose pipe
  • put in new fencing
  • Purchase a shed and other garden equipment
  • Have new windows and doors put in

Active have also helped me with introducing modern day technology into my life, not only did it help with my health but it also helps me access entertainment like old TV shows and music. On top of this I now have a Facebook account with contact to old friends, it makes me happy being able to see what they are doing with their lives now. I am still learning how to use certain apps and how to message friends but a couple of years ago I would have never imagined I could do this.

Active changed my life by helping me to be healthy, happy and live in a wonderful home.

I got more than I bargained for and would advise anyone like me to get support, even if it is just a couple of hours a week.

Keep up the good work Active, you deserve a medal!

very proud to be working with...