Welcome to Active Social Care

We at Active are pleased to welcome you to our team. We place great value on the contribution our employees make to our business and we offer continued support and encouragement to all our staff. We wish you every success during your employment with us and we hope that your experience of working with us will be enjoyable, positive and rewarding.

The Employee Handbook is designed to introduce you to our company and set out our rules and regulations. It also advises you of our policies and procedures relating to your employment, duties and responsibilities. The handbook, along with the ‘Statement of main Terms and Conditions of Employment’ and ‘Job Description’ forms the terms and conditions of your employment.

If you have any queries with regard to the content of the handbook then please raise these with your Line Manager.

General amendments to the Employee Handbook will be issued from time to time. You will be consulted over any adjustments made to your Job Description.

INDUCTION – support is always available

At the commencement of your employment we will organise an induction programme that will consist of a combination of classroom and practical activities to ensure you feel confident and are able to demonstrate the necessary competences required to provide the best quality support to our clients.Picture3

Good quality social care has the potential to transform people’s lives.





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