Dry Heat Burn Treatment

Dry heat burns are most commonly caused by contact with a dry heat source such as fire or a hot object. It can also be caused by friction, such as from rope burn. You should immediately treat the burn by:

  • Cooling the burn immediately with cold (preferably running) water, for at least 10 minutes or until the pain is relieved.
  • Removing watches, rings and other jewellery if possible as the affected area may swell. Carefully removing loose clothing, taking care it isn’t stuck to the burn. Leave the clothing if it may cause more damage to the burnt area.
  • Dressing the burn with a sterile dressing that won’t stick.Picture2


Cling Film is one of the best dressings for burns, discard

the first 2 turns of the roll and apply it lengthways, don’t

wrap it too tightly and secure with a bandage.

For a wet heat (Scald) burn, treat the same as above

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