Paediatric Basic Life Support and CPR

There are set Clinical Definitions of ‘children’ for the purposes of First Aid treatment, they are:

  • New-born is a child just after birth.
  • Neonate is a child in the first 28 days of life.
  • Infant is a child under 1 year.
  • Child is between 1 year and puberty.

The following modifications to the adult sequence of CPR will make it more suitable for use in children:

  • Give 5 initial rescue breaths before starting chest compressions.
  • If you are on your own, perform CPR for 1 min before going for help.
  • Compress the chest by at least one-third of its depth. Use two fingers for an infant under 1 year; use one or two hands for a child over 1 year, whichever is needed to achieve an adequate depth of compression.
  • Once the initial 5 rescue breaths are completed, return to a ratio of 30 compressions to 2 rescue breaths (30:2)
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