Treatment of Shock  

If you are treating a person with shock you should:Picture3

  • Make them comfortable and lay them down.
  • Raise both legs (providing it does not compromise their injuries further)
  • Keep them warm and maintain their response levels by talking to them.
  • Call for an ambulance
  • Monitor their response and breathing.
  • Do not allow them to smoke, eat or drink as it may affect their well-being and it could compromise further treatmentPicture4

When dealing with shock putting the casualty into the position demonstrated on picture number one is best. Lay them on down and raise their feet slightly higher than their head.


The casualty has had a head injury or stroke, use the position from picturePicture5
number two. Lay them down and raise their head slightly, resting it on a
cushion or your knee.


The casualty has suffered injury to the chest, such as a heart attack or rib injury. Picture6Sit the casualty in the position demonstrated in picture three. Sit them on the ground with their chest raised and something behind them for support. Raise their knees to ensure regular blood flow around the body.

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