Methods and Styles of Communication

Touch is used to communicate with people who are deaf and visually impaired. Workers sign information onto the individuals hands as a way of passing on information.

For those whose communication skills may be limited, technological aids can be used. Hearing aids, hearing loops, text phones, text messaging on mobile phones and magnifiers are all forms of technological communication devices.

Some individuals may use word or symbol boards to support their speech and the listener will be able to associate the picture or word with the verbal communication in order to be able to understand what is being said.

Others may use speech synthesisers which replace speech which replace speech either by producing a visual display of written text or by producing synthesised speech that expresses the information verbally. Voice recognition software can be purchased for any computer to translate speech or written text.

When using communication aids always check that they function properly, that they are clean and in good working order. Should you have any worries about communication aids or technology not working properly, or being unclean, report this to a senior member of staff or the individual’s carer or family member.

Use to answer question 6.2b of the Care Certificate

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