Where to Find Information and Support to help you Communicate More Effectively

Information and support can be found from specialist charities and associations. Websites can provide material on forums, services or groups in the local area that you could attend or use to find out more. Some local charities offer specific human aids such as befrienders, advocates or mentors. A befriender could support an individual in overcoming emotional difficulties that are a barrier to their communication. An advocate could communicate on an individual’s behalf if their skills are very limited.

Other external sources of information to support communication:

  • Independent Advocacy Services
  • Approved and registered interpreters and translation services for people who speak languages other than English
  • Approved and registered interpreters for Deaf BSL users and Human Aids to Communication
  • Speech and language therapy services
  • Specialist/multidisciplinary teams which assess and provide equipment with regards to physical disability and sensory impairment

Use to answer question 6.1d of the Care Certificate

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