Procedure for staff to make comments about the service (positive or negative)

Procedure for Staff to make comments

1.Supervisions and Appraisals  

A slot has been allocated during these meetings to make comments positive and negative about any aspect of the service provision. See the Supervision and Appraisal section in this handbook for more details.

2.Staff Team Meetings

A slot is allocated for staff to raise queries, concerns and make comments or during these meetings

3.General feedback forms available in all training sessions

A form is provided at all training courses for staff to raise any queries, concerns or make comments about any aspect of our activities.   The form is collected by the HR department who ensure staff receive a reply to all queries raised.

4.Raising queries, concerns and whistleblowing

There are two ways that staff can do this in Active.

i.Discuss the matter with your line Manager.

ii.Contact the HR coordinator who will record your concern and discuss it with the Registered Manager. Dependent on the nature of the issue the HR Coordinator can do this without disclosing your identity if this is what you prefer. You will receive feedback on action undertaken.

See Raising Concerns about the Service in this handbook Topic 2.12

5.Open door policy

Coordinators and Managers are always available to discuss any issues you have. You can also contact Karen direct by email on karen.pogson@active999.com or leave a message with Maria or Steph in HR for Karen to ring you back.

6.Making compliments about colleagues, supervisors and Managers.

If you feel someone’s performance has been exceptional you can pass on your comments to your line Manager who may incorporate it into the compliment system.

7.Annual staff satisfaction survey

This is undertaken in January every year to check satisfaction and views in relation to all aspects of service delivery. A resulting and details of action taken as a result of the feedback is circulated to all staff.

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