Procedures in Active for Clients & their informal carers to make comments (positive & negative ) about the service

1. Quality Assurance Programme

This is a structured system to seek feedback from clients and their families/ informal carers as follows:

24 hour telephone call after service has started to check the effectiveness of the PCSP and service provided.

24 hour telephone call after first shift of a staff member new to the clients team to check performance was acceptable.

Three quarterly telephone calls and one home visit per year to clients (with capacity) to check support plan still meets their needs and         general satisfaction with the service provided.

For clients without capacity, the key worker will support the individual to express their views using a suitable communication system and   their representative will received three quarterly telephone calls and one home visit per year to check the support plan still meets the individual needs and satisfaction with the service provided.

Service Managers will analyse the results and produce a quarterly report detailing what is working well and areas that need to be addressed.

A service development plan will be drawn to drive service improvement where required.

An anonymous (Optional) annual survey questionnaire is sent out every January to check satisfaction levels with all aspects of the service.

Both positive and negative comments are obtained through the above programme

2. Complaints, Comments, Concerns and Compliments

A supply of the above forms are contained in the client’s home file. Alternatively, clients can ring or email comments to the Office.

All complaints, comments and concerns are investigated and a record kept in a central system that is monitored monthly by the Service Manager and Registered Manager for patterns. This enables us to monitor services effectively and to track, monitor and record the feed-back and to analyse and compare statistics.

A copy of the complaint is retained on the clients office file and an entry made on our data base system.

Any shortcomings in performance will be discussed with the staff member concerned and where necessary addressed at a staff development meeting. The record of this meeting will also retained on staff members office file and an entry made on our data base system.

Compliments are also recorded in a central system, individuals informed and a copy stored on the staff members office files, and our data base system.

3. General information conversations with clients and their informal carers over the phone or in their homes

Issues and compliments are sometimes picked up by senior staff in general conversations over the phone or during home visits and these are handled through the systems as above.


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