Absence from Work and Sickness

You are responsible for:

  • Personally ringing the office or On Call phone if you are unable to attend work. Do not text as this can be missed and unless extremely serious, do not get someone else to call for you as we need to ask questions that only you can answer
  • Ringing between the hours of 6am and 10pm, unless you are on shift at this time and need to leave. There is no point ringing the On Call phone between 10pm and 6am as it is not possible to ring other staff to cover shifts during this period. The phone call therefore only disturbs the rest of the person On Call.
  • Working the shift times you have agreed and been rota’d to work. If a social function or non-emergency personal situation arises and you would like to take time off at short notice then please try to cover the shift yourself within the team, prior to requesting time off with the office. Team members are usually cooperative in swapping shifts with each other enabling everyone to have the time off they want. The office must be made aware of the change immediately to check that this does not conflict with other plans and to ensure the right person is paid for the work.
  • Keeping the office informed of your recovery progress and when you expect to be fit to return to work. Please note after 7 days of absence a fit note is required and without this no sick pay will be made. If you have been absent as a result of a sickness/ diarrhoea bug you will be required to stay off work for 48 hours after your last sign of illness. All employees are required to attend a Return to Work interview to discuss any changes in their health status that may require reasonable adjustments to be considered. Such absences are monitored for patterns including weekends, bank holidays and frequency of specific ailments. Employment references always request information on sickness absences, number of occasions and reasons. The information gathered from the Return to Work interviews ensures the details provided by Active are accurate.

Subject to qualification requirements you have the right to:

  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) after being off work through your own ill health for 4 or more consecutive days. If you are absent for up to 7 consecutive days you must provide a self certified sick note which can be found on www.gov.uk/government/publications/statutory-sick-pay-employees-statement-of-sickness-sc2 entitled ‘Employee’s Statement of Sickness (SC2)’. When the absence exceeds 7 consecutive days, you must submit a medical certificate provided by your doctor as soon as possible. Thereafter, further certificates must be submitted covering all absence until you resume work. You must receive the qualifying weekly pay to be entitled to SSP.
  • Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Shared Parental and Parental Leave
  • Request time off for Dependants and Compassionate Leave
  • Time off for Jury Service

See the following sections for more information

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