Computers, Email, Internet and Mobile Phone Use

Active operates virus protection software. No software or program or similar may be loaded on Active’s computer system unless and until it has been checked for viruses.
You are not permitted to copy Active’s software, other than when this is necessary in the normal course of your duties.
On leaving Active’s employment, and at any other time at Active’s request, you are required to hand back any of Active’s information and data held by you in computer-useable format.
You are required to take any necessary security measures to prevent unauthorised access to, alteration, disclosure and destruction of personal data, and accidental loss and destruction of Employer data.
You must not access, process, use, or disclose any data or password other than is necessary for the proper performance of your duties.
Use of internet must be for business purposes only in the course of carrying out your duties. Unauthorised use of the internet will constitute misconduct.
You must not download software from the internet onto Active’s system without prior permission.

You are not permitted to download any video-based material or content that requires a TV licence.

Misuse of the e-mail system by transmission of any material, which is defamatory, offensive or obscene, untrue or malicious, or in breach of copyright will constitute gross misconduct. In particular the processing (which means storing, sending or downloading) of sexually explicit material will constitute gross misconduct.


It is appreciated that mobile telephones can be a valuable means of contact – particularly for lone workers. However, for Health and Safety and legal reasons, mobile telephones should not be used whilst driving. Hands free apparatus must be used.

In addition mobile telephones should not be used for personal matters during normal working hours except where authorised by the employee’s manager or a director. If you have a company Mobile Phone it must be used for company business only, anything else should be declared to your line manager and the cost will be deducted from salary.


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