Definition of Misconduct


The following list, which is by no means exhaustive, indicates the circumstances in which you could be liable to disciplinary action under this procedure on the grounds of misconduct:

  • Failure to comply with working instructions given by an authorised person;
  • Failure to comply with Active’s confidentiality procedures;
  • Failure to comply with attendance requirements and procedures, i.e. working hours, holidays, sickness, other unauthorised or unreasonable absences from work;
  • Improper care of Active’s property or unauthorised removal of such property from the company’s premises.
  • Improper care of the Client’s property or unauthorised removal of such property from the Client’s premises.
  • Improper use of office facilities, such as telephones, fax machines and computers;
  • Failure to comply with Active’s e-mail and internet policy;
  • Failure to observe any of Active’s general rules and policies;
  • Failure to comply with Health and Safety Rules and/or instructions for Health and Safety protection;
  • Discourtesy to a Client or colleague, including using your mobile phone for personal use whilst at work;
  • Failure to comply with dress requirements;
  • Failure to meet required standards of work where this is not due to capability; and,
  • Negligence in the performance of duties.

The above is not an exhaustive list.

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