Disciplinary Appeals Procedure


You are entitled to appeal against a decision taken at any stage of the disciplinary procedure. You are encouraged to make use of the appeal procedure should you feel that you have been unfairly treated in such circumstances. Using the appeal procedure will not prejudice your employment prospects in any way. You have the right to nominate a companion to accompany you at the appeal hearing as outlined in Appeal Section of these procedures.


The appeal should be made within five working days of either the following:

  • Receipt of the written communication of a decision made under the disciplinary procedure; or,
  • A verbal warning at stage one of the disciplinary procedure.

You should make the appeal in writing giving full supporting reasons. The appeal should be addressed to the person named in the letter inviting you to the meeting. An appeal hearing will be held to which you will be invited to attend. The date and time of the appeal hearing will be arranged with you in advance so that there is sufficient time to prepare yourself and your companion where relevant. Where necessary, the appeal hearing may be adjourned to gather further information or carry out an investigation of the facts. The hearing will reconvene once the investigations are complete.

A decision will be communicated in writing to you within five working days of the appeal hearing reaching its conclusion. The warning of dismissal or notification of capability procedure will stand unaltered pending the outcome of the appeal hearing. Active reserves the right to instruct an independent third party, if the need occurs. A written record of the appeal hearing will be made in order to prevent any misreporting or misunderstanding. You will be given a copy of the written record and asked to agree to the content.

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