Examples of Gross Misconduct


In circumstances of gross misconduct, we will normally take immediate action at Stage 4 of the disciplinary procedure – dismissal. In most cases of gross misconduct, you will be suspended on full pay whilst a full investigation of the facts is carried out. In these circumstances, you will be informed in writing of your suspension.


Gross misconduct and summary dismissal will only be considered where there are reasons to believe that you have committed misconduct of such a serious nature that it constitutes a fundamental breach of your employment contract. The following list, although not exhaustive, gives examples of offences which could be construed as gross misconduct:

  • Aggressive acts and/or physical violence;
  • Indecent behaviour.
  • Theft from Active, its employees or from customers or suppliers; or fraud
  • Actions which bring the company into disrepute or causes us to lose faith in your integrity;
  • Falsification and/or deliberate tampering of company records;
  • Acts of incitement or actual acts of discrimination or harassment on the grounds of sex, race, religion, colour, ethnic origin or disability;
  • Serious failure to observe Active’s confidentiality standards;
  • Possession or under the influence of illegal drugs at work;
  • Non-compliance with practice Health and Safety requirements resulting in serious endangerment of the health and safety of yourself and others;
  • Wilful and serious damage to company property;
  • Any other reason giving rise to a right summary dismissal, whether at common law or by statute;
  • Breach of confidentiality; and,
  • Wilful misrepresentation of qualifications held.
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