General Information and Procedures


No gambling is allowed on any of Active’s premises.

Because the company demands employees of the highest integrity we have the right to expect you to maintain these standards outside of working hours. Activities or behaviour that results in adverse publicity to ourselves, or which cause us to lose faith in your integrity, may give us grounds for your dismissal.

During severe weather conditions, you have no automatic legal entitlement to stay away from work or remain at home on full or reduced pay. If, due to any adverse weather conditions, you are unable to reach your place of work you should contact the Manager or a member of the office staff. Daily contact must be maintained if the absence lasts for more than one day. The following options may be available to you.

  • To take this time as annual holiday leave
  • To make up the time at a later date
  • To take the time as unpaid leave.
  • Every effort should be made to return to work as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

    No alcoholic liquor, non-prescription drugs or psychoactive substances are to be brought onto the premises of the Employer or on to the premises of any client.

    If you arrive for work and, in our opinion, you are not fit to work, we reserve the right to exercise our duty of care if we believe that you may not be able to undertake your duties in a safe manner or may pose a safety risk to others, and send you away for the remainder of the day without pay and, dependent on the circumstances, you may be liable to disciplinary action.

    You are not permitted to use the company’s address for the purposes of private mail.

    We recognise that, from time to time, close personal relationships may develop between members of staff and between staff and customers. In order to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are avoided, members of staff who are in that position are strongly recommended to advise the Manager/Director. Any such information will be treated in the strictest confidence. We fully acknowledge the right of employees to privacy in their personal affairs. However, experience has shown that the effect of such relationships can cause a blurring of judgement whereby conflicts of interest arise and which can cause us to lose confidence in the person’s integrity and reliability.

    Should CCTV be in operation, we reserve the right to use any evidence obtained in this manner in any disciplinary issue should the need arise

    You are not permitted to undertake any private work without authorisation from the Company. You will not be allowed to undertake any work which could otherwise have been undertaken by the Company. In the event of you being approached to undertake such work you must report the approach to a Manager/Director.

    If you already have any other employment or are considering any additional employment, you must notify us so that we can discuss any implications arising from the current working time legislation.

    You must notify us of any change of name, medical condition, marital status, address, telephone number etc., so that we can maintain accurate information on our records and make contact with you in an emergency, if necessary, outside normal working hours.

    If you are a key holder for our premises it is your responsibility to ensure that the keys are kept safe and secure at all times. They must not be copied or allowed to be used by any unauthorised person. If the keys are lost or stolen at any time you must inform a Manager immediately. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disciplinary action being taken.

    You are not permitted to buy or sell goods on your own behalf whilst on our premises, client premises or with clients.

    Where parking facilities have been made available to you on our premises or on/near client premises, you must ensure that you park sensibly and with consideration to others. We accept no liability to damage to private vehicles; however it may be caused.

    You are advised not to bring items of high value to work and/or large amounts of cash.


    We have the contractual right to carry out searches of employees and their property (including vehicles) whilst they are on our premises or business. Where practicable, searches will be carried out in the presence of a colleague of your choice who is available on the premises at the time of the search. This will also apply at the time that any further questioning takes place. You may be asked to remove the contents of your pockets, bags, vehicles, etc.

    Whilst you have the right to refuse to be searched, such refusal will constitute a breach of contract, which could result in your dismissal.

    We reserve the right to call in the police at any stage.

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