Probationary Period

You join us on an initial probationary period of 6 months. During this period your work performance and general suitability will be assessed and, if it is satisfactory, your employment will continue.

However, if your work is not up to the required standard, or you are considered to be generally unsuitable, we may either take remedial action or terminate your employment without recourse to the capability procedure or, in cases relating to a matter of conduct, the disciplinary procedure.

At the end of your probationary period you will again be assessed and, if satisfactory, you will become a member of our staff team If you have not reached the required standard we may either extend the probationary period for another three months in order that remedial action can be taken or terminate your employment without recourse to the capability or disciplinary procedure.

In the event of you failing to improve during the extended probationary period your employment will be terminated without recourse to the capability or disciplinary procedure.


Your main duties and responsibilities are detailed in your job description, statement of main terms of employment and this handbook.

All social care and support workers have an overall duty to ensure that people at risk (children and adults) are protected from harm and abuse and are provided with the best possible service to meet their individual needs while simultaniously ensuring their rights are not violated and that their dignity is maintained.

Business Expenses

If employees use their own or spouse’s vehicles on company business they must make sure they have the appropriate motor insurance cover and valid MOT certificate, and the office must be provided with copies of all documentation. Mileage should be claimed on the Mileage Form.

Identification Badges

Identification badges must be carried at all times when representing the Company. Report lost or stolen identification badges immediately to the manager.

Personal Property

Please avoid bringing valuable personal items to work and do not leave any valuables either unattended or overnight. We cannot accept liability for the loss of, or damage to such personal property brought onto either our premises, or Clients’ premises.

Disclosure & Barring Service Check

On appointment, a Disclosure & Barring Service check will have been carried out. You are reminded that it is a term of your contract of employment that you will immediately inform your Active if your criminal status changes in any way. This is updated every 2 years.



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