Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Active believes that all employees are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect while at work and when representing the business in any capacity outside of work. This policy statement has been prepared to make clear to employees that Active will not tolerate sexual harassment of one employee by another.

Sexual harassment is unwanted conduct directed towards an employee by a fellow employee (or group of employees) which is of a sexual nature, or which is based on a person’s sex, and which is regarded as unwelcome and offensive by the recipient. This could include:

Unwanted physical contact e.g. hugging and kissing.

Unwelcome sexual advances, propositions, suggestions or pressure to participate in social activity outside work, where it has been made clear that this is not welcome.

Conduct which can be deemed as intimidation, physically or verbally abusive, including the display of explicit material, the use of sexually explicit humour, and comments of a sexual nature whether directed specifically at any particular individual or not.

Suggestions that sexual favours may further an employee’s career, or that refusal may hinder it.


Active regards sexual harassment as a form of intimidation which has the effect of insulting and demeaning the employee to whom it is directed. It is therefore unacceptable in the working environment and Active will take positive action to prevent its occurrence.

Responsibility of Employees

All employees have a personal responsibility not to harass, sexually harass or bully other members of staff, or to condone harassment or bullying by others, and to behave professionally in the workplace. Harassment including sexual harassment and bullying is serious misconduct and action may be taken under the disciplinary procedure against an employee found to have harassed or bullied an individual at work. Employees should also be aware that they could be personally liable by law if they harass anyone at work. All employees have a duty to assist in the creation of a safe working environment, where unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated. Any employee who becomes aware of harassment or bullying occurring should bring the matter to the attention of his/her manager.

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