‘Clean as you Go’ and Protective Clothing

Active’s policy is that staff who have a stomach upset can not work with clients until 48 hours after the last symptom. If you have had a serious condition such as salmonella etc. consent to return to work must first be sought from a GP.

Always wear protective clothing provided when handling and preparing food and keep cuts covered with blue plasters whether using gloves or not. Blue plasters are required for food handlers because they are detectable.

The clean as you go five step method:

Step 1 – Pre-clean

Remove excess debris, dirt, soil and grease by wiping or scraping the utensil.

Step 2 – Main clean

Wash in hot water with plenty of detergent

Step 3 – Disinfection

Destroy microorganisms either at 82 degrees centigrade or above or with a type of disinfectant which is suitable for use on food utensils and surfaces

Step 4 – Final rinse

Where disinfecting/sterilising substance has been used remove it through rinsing following manufacturer’s instructions

Step 5 – Dry item

Protective Clothing:

Hats/hairnets other hair covering – to prevent hairs falling into the food and to prevent the hair from catching in machinery

Gloves – to prevent food from being contaminated

Blue plasters – should be used to cover cuts so that food is not contaminated and so that the wound does not come into contact with food or implements. Blue plasters are specially made to be detectable.

Aprons – to protect the person’s clothing from coming into contact with food, being contaminated or splashed by food, fat, water etc.

Use to answer question 8.1a of the Care Certificate

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