Supporting Individuals to have Access to Fluids

Ensuring that Drinks are Within Reach of those who have Restrictions on their Movement/Mobility

  • Ensure that drinks are kept within reach of those who cannot independently make them/get them for themselves.
  • Be aware that where someone is at risk of choking there may be a need to provide drinks at regular intervals by providing one to one support with drinking, or supervision during drinking.
  • Ensure that alternative drinks and choices are available where possible
  • Be aware of the dangers that hot drinks may pose to some people
  • Consider that the availability of canned or sugar based drinks and fruit juices is not a healthy option.

Ensuring that Drinks are Refreshed on a Regular Basis

  • Where water is being supplied it must be fresh. Preferably direct from the tap a the time. Water left for over 3 hours can become contaminated. During periods of warm weather or in a warm room drinks may need to be refreshed more frequently.
  • Provide clean drinks containers/cups
  • Always use a clean and dry teaspoon for stirring drinks. Re-using teaspoons or storing them in standing water without washing them properly is unacceptable practice.
  • Do not expect people to drink from bottles, as the risk of infection is likely to be increased but it is also damaging to people‚Äôs dignity. (Older people may consider it to be extremely bad manners to drink straight from a bottle).

Use to answer question 8.2a and 8.2b of the Care Certificate

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