Agreed ways of Working and Legislation Regarding the Recording, Storing and Sharing of Information

Why is there a need to have Agreed Ways of Working and Legislation Regarding the Recording, Storing and Sharing of Information

Active is required to have processes which are clearly understood and the facilities in place to protect and store people’s personal data as securely as possible. This enables confidentiality to be observed at all times and ensures that those handling the data are not going to compromise it. It also ensures that the organisations in which we work can be accountable for the work we do with individuals and how the information is being stored and used.

Failure to keep, store and maintain information securely and appropriately, about individuals or to follow the wrong procedures in relation to destroying it, is a breach of the Data Protection Legislation.

Active must securely maintain accurate, complete and detailed records in respect of each person using the service. For staff supporting Clients at home records should be stored safely in the home until they are collected and taken to the office for auditing and checking.

Staff need to complete a record of visit/daily activity sheet on every shift to show how they have supported their client to meet their outcomes, this is a legal requirement.


Information should be up to date, accurate and properly analysed and reviewed by people with the appropriate skills and competence to understand its significance. When required, results should be escalated and appropriate action taken.

Confidentiality is a very important right of individuals who receive care and support. It is part of the relationship of trust that individuals have with healthcare support workers and adult social care workers. Information should always be shared on a need to know basis only, for example with other workers involved in the individual’s care. You should not share information with anybody.

Data Protection and Confidentiality is covered in more depth in topic 16.1 of the staff handbook.

Use to answer question 14.1a of the Care Certificate


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