Agreement Regarding the Use of Mobile Phones and Other Personal Electronic Devices for Calls, Text and Social Media at Work

As part of the initial recruitment process at Active all staff read and sign documents which cover the agreed ways of working regarding the Use of Mobile Phones and Other Personal Electronic Devices for Calls, Texts and Social Media at Work, including Laptops. As follows:

  • I agree not to use my mobile phone or other electronic devices for personal purposes while working with clients including text messaging, Face Time, Facebook and internet access
  • If the office contacts me while on shift I will ring them back once my shift has finished or text them to let them know it is OK for them to ring me back
  • I will inform my social network that I am prohibited from receiving communications while at work and give them the office number, when they need to contact me in an emergency situation
  • I understand that even if my client or their family say they don’t mind me using my phone or other electronic devices for personal use,  it is not acceptable for the above reasons and will be treated as misconduct by Active, and abuse by the Local Authority Safeguarding Team
  • If I see a colleague use their phone whilst working with a client, I understand I have a responsibility to remind them not to do this and if they continue, report it to the office. This protects me from culpability and any possible disciplinary action in relation to the abuse taking place.
  • In relation to working at the activity centres, I understand I am required to lock my phone and other personal electronic devices away whilst at work and not have such devices on my person.
  • I understand that breaches of this policy are viewed as misconduct by Active and will be dealt with through the Company’s Disciplinary procedure.
  • If I am working through the night, I understand I may be allowed to use my phone and/ or laptop once all support has been provided. This is subject to the client’s agreement. Devices must be already charged, so that they do not require the use of the client’s electricity.

Use to answer question 14.1c of the Care Certificate

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