Electronic Devices and Social Media

Electronic Devices and Social Media Shared at Home and at Work

Increasingly there is an expectation that information will be sent and received on electronic devices. Sometimes these are personal devices, which makes it very important that these are secure i.e. they are physically secure, and have strong passwords.

Delete confidential information, such as addresses immediately after use and regularly ‘clean up’ your mobile phone, computer etc. to delete any information which is confidential.

Ensure that if you share a laptop or tablet etc. with other family members, that they cannot access your work related information.

Never discuss any aspect of your work on social media sites. Ideally do not even identify on the sites, the nature of your work or the company you work for.

Never display photographs of clients or their carers in public areas of buildings, in publications or on social media with their prior formal consent.


General guidelines –

  • Remember you are responsible for the data on your electronic communication device
  • DO NOT behave in a way that could suggest that you are trying to develop a personal relationship with a child or adult at risk
  • DO NOT post any content that could be deemed defamatory, obscene or libellous
  • DO NOT post comments that exhibit or appear to endorse grossly irresponsible behaviour or law breaking of any kind

Use to answer question 14.1c of the Care Certificate

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