Health and Safety Responsibilities of Health and Social Care Workers, their Employers, Managers and Others in the Work Setting

Employer Responsibilities

The overall responsibility of Active is to ensure the health, safety and welfare (wellbeing) of all employees is protected and maintained. Active makes sure this happens by putting in place policies and procedures and to ensure safety is at the centre of all tasks. Active provides:

  • A safe place to work (prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health)
  • Necessary training (information, instruction, supervision)
  • Appropriate and safe equipment
  • Risk assessments (including risk management strategies in the clients support plan)

Staff Responsibilities

Staff must work in ways agreed with Active and not carry out any task unless they have undertaken the correct training, have been assessed as competent and feel confident to carry out the task. Staff should act respectfully and avoid any actions that could potentially harm others. Staff must wear any protective equipment they have been issued with for protection. Staff must inform their line manager if something happens that might affect their ability to work e.g. becoming pregnant, suffering an injury or medication that make the person drowsy.

In Active, staff are required to complete and pass the Care Certificate Induction training within 12 weeks of their start date and any other training relevant for the post i.e. moving and handling, medication, safeguarding training and first aid. This shows that staff understand not only their own work setting’s requirements but also the requirements in other sectors relating to health and social care. Staff should report any health and safety concerns that might affect others.

Client Responsibilities

Clients also have responsibilities for health and safety. Clients must provide a safe environment for staff to work in, if the service is providing care in the individual’s home. Any equipment/appliances must be safe for use and the environment should be free from any objects that might pose a hazard.

Health and safety policies are in place to support health, safety and wellbeing in every environment that staff will be expected to work in. Every employee and workplace should avoid any actions that could potentially harm others.

Use to answer question 13.1c of the Care Certificate

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