Stress Triggers

Circumstances that could Trigger Stress Include:

  • Demands – Increased demands from others in the workplace or at home, workload, tiredness
  • Role – Changes in working practices or new working practices, Changes to team members.
  • Relationships – How conflict is managed at work and how staff are protected from bullying and other abuse. Relationships at home and other personal circumstances
  • Change – Unexpected changes relating to finance, personal circumstances or work
  • Support – Challenging behaviour of individuals you support. The level and effectiveness of formal support from managers and informal support from colleagues. Training.
  • Control – Getting something wrong of being criticised. How much control a person has over their workload.

Work culture, people’s personalities, history and their private circumstances, can make one person more prone to stress than another.

Use to answer question 13.9b of the Care Certificate

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