The steps you must take in the event of a fire – clients home

Staff working in a clients home:

  • Alert your client to the fact there is a fire and consider if there is anyone else in the house
  • Shout ‘Fire’
  • Dial 999 and ask for the fire brigade
  • Exit the building with your client if safe to do so, if it isn’t safe to do so (or your client is unable to safely exit the building) find a refuge area as far away from the fire as possible.
  • Do not return until it is safe to do so, this is usually when the fire brigade tell it is safe
  • Alert the office and alert anyone in neighbouring building if necessary

If you are aware of the source of the fire and it small enough to tackle in isolation i.e. a pan catching fire on the cooker. Consider using a damp towel or fire blanket (if available) to put out the fire. Do not attempt to tackle a fire if you do not feel it is safe to do so and are not confident to do so. Remove other flammable items from near the source of the fire if it is safe to do so.

When in a refuge area, consider whether or not you have access to water. If you have access to water place damp towels across the bottom of the door. Remember more often than not is smoke inhalation that kills and not necessarily the fire itself.

Use to answer question 13.7b of the Care Certificate


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