What you should do in First Aid and Emergency Situations if you HAVE NOT received first aid training

Without specialist first aid training you should not attempt to perform first aid on anyone as you could make the injury or condition worse. For example, moving someone into the recovery position could make a neck or spinal injury worse. You should seek advice from your line manager if there is anything you are unsure about.

If you HAVE NOT received first aid training, in an emergency situation you should:

  • Remain calm and send for help by shouting, phoning or finding someone (In a medical emergency dial 999)
  • Observe the individual, listen to what they are saying, try to find out what has happened and reassure them. Do not move them unless it is absolutely necessary for safety
  • Stay with the injured or sick individual until help arrives, observing and noting any changes in condition, as you will need to tell relevant medical staff or others what you have seen
  • Do as little as you need to do in order to keep the casualty stable and alive until qualified help arrives
  • Complete a full written report and follow the agreed ways of working to inform carers or family members who need to know

Use to answer question 13.4c of the Care Certificate

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