Cleaning Methods

All equipment should be decontaminated as necessary


Removes microorganisms, but does not destroy them:

Use this method on low risk items that have been in contact with a Client’s skin within their own environment e.g. chairs, washbowls, baths, trolley tops, floors, hoists etc.

Use a detergent and water solution and dry with a clean, absorbent, non-shedding drying cloth.


Kills or removes microorganisms, but may not destroy spores:

It does not guarantee a sterile product. Use this method on medium risk items which come into contact with mucous membranes e.g. mouth, or have large numbers of organisms e.g. commodes and bed pans etc.

Effective methods of disinfection include dishwashers and washing machines. Chemical disinfectants must be used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions – see the policy on Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Items should be cleaned first and then disinfected.

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