When Hands Should be Decontaminated

When Should Hands be Decontaminated:


  • After using the toilet or assisting someone else to use it
  • After handling incontinence products
  • After any contact with your own body fluids or those of another person e.g. urine, blood, ear wax, tears, saliva, excrement etc.
  • Before, during and after handling any food or drink
  • After handling raw meat or items which have had contact with raw meat
  • Before and after performing any personal care tasks e.g. bathing, assisting to move, toileting
  • After blowing or wiping your own or someone else’s nose or after putting the hand in front of your face when coughing/sneezing
  • Before and after handling medicines
  • After handling rubbish
  • After removing gloves
  • After coming into contact with any animal
  • Before and after treating any cut or wound or changing dressings
  • After coming into contact with someone with an infectious disease which can be transmitted from person to person by touch or via objects
  • After handling items which have been contaminated by flood water or sewage
  • After gardening, touching plants and handling pesticides or weed-killer (see poisoning below)
  • When the hands look dirty
  • After smoking
  • After handling coins and banknotes
  • When arriving at and leaving the workplace
  • After handling chemicals e.g. cleaning fluids, leaking batteries, care maintenance

Use to answer question 15.1b of the Care Certificate

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