Adjustments which may be Necessary in Care Delivery

Understand adjustments which may be necessary in care delivery relating to an individual who may have a mental health condition, dementia or learning disability.

Health and social care organisations usually need to work together to provide for care and support needs. For example, there may need to be an Occupational Therapy assessment to find out how a person manages their day-to-day life and any adaptations that might be needed. This might result in providing adaptations such as adding handrails for support in the bathroom.

Emotional support may need to be considered for both the person living with the condition and their family or carers. This might involve arranging a befriender or a counselling service.

Practical information or additional services about an individual’s condition, illness, financial and legal issues and opportunities to plan ahead should also be available.

Examples of ways care and support could be adjusted:

Please note the adjustments can be applied to all groups dependant on personal need.


You can not make decisions for individual’s. Staff should be enabling individual’s to reach independent and informed decision themselves by pointing out the range of choices and their possible consequences.

Use to answer question 9.3a of the Care Certificate

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