Common Core principles for Supporting People with Dementia

The Common Core Principles for Supporting People with Dementia

Principle 1 – Know the early signs of dementia see Topic 9.4 ‘How to Identify Dementia’ (page 1/2)

Principle 2 – Early diagnosis of dementia helps people receive information, support and treatment at the earliest possible stage

Principle 3 – Communicate sensitively to support meaningful interaction

Principle 4 – Promote independence and encourage activity

Principle 5 – Recognise the signs of distress resulting from confusion and respond by diffusing a person’s anxiety and supporting their understanding of the events they experience

Principle 6 – Family members and other carers are valued, respected and supported just like those they care for and are helped to gain access to dementia care advice

Principle 7 – Managers need to take responsibility to ensure members of their team are trained and well supported to meet the needs of people with dementia

Principle 8 – Work as part of a multi-agency team to support the person with dementia

Use to answer question 9.3a of the Care Certificate

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