Legal Frameworks, Policy and Guidelines

Legislation and a number of policies have been developed to promote human rights inclusion, equal life chances and citizenship of individuals with mental health needs, dementia or learning disabilities. These include:



Legislation and policies continued…..


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Other legislation covered in standards 4 and 7. The Equality Act, 2010 and the Mental Capacity Act, 2005. Locally agreed policies e.g. Joint Adult Safeguarding Procedures and policies within Active.

How legislation and policies affect the day to day experiences of individuals with mental health needs, dementia and learning disabilities and their families.

Legislation, policies and guidelines:

  • Protect people from abuse and exploitation
  • Promote the health, wellbeing and participation of individuals
  • Reduce the risk of isolation and segregation
  • Increase opportunity (e.g.. Health services, employment, social opportunities)
  • Minimise violation of privacy and dignity
  • Ensure that everyone is clear about a person’s rights
  • Facilitate a cohesive approach to care and support from different organisations

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