Reporting Concerns Associated with any Unmet Needs which May Arise

How to report concerns associated with any unmet needs which may arise from mental health conditions, dementia or learning disability through agreed ways of working

It is important for support plans to be flexible and account for fluctuating needs, if someone develops a new need (e.g. they become mentally ill or a progressive disease such as dementia creates unforeseen and new needs, or for example, someone with learning disabilities develops long or short term illness or additional disability) then it is important that the person’s support and the resources they have to provide it are reviewed or reassessed.

When someone is receiving a personalised budget or direct payment, their budget is determined by the needs they had when they were assessed, therefore, if they develop a new condition and require additional support they will need a bigger budget to pay for it.

The determining factor for raising a concern should not be cost led but safety led. i.e. if someone is at risk because the care and support they need is no longer adequate and it is putting them at risk.

If staff have any concerns about any individual with regards to the care and support they receive, a concern with regards to an individual’s support plan, or think that someone is developing symptoms of a mental health problem or dementia; they should record this concern and flag this up to their line manager as soon as possible.

Use to answer question 9.3b of the Care Certificate

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