The Seven Needs for Independent Living

The Seven Needs for Independent Living

The Disability Movement (disabled people who fight for disabled people’s rights and empowerment) identified The 7 Needs people have to achieve independent living.

1.Information – Disabled people need information in order to make informed decisions and it needs to be in formats accessible to the person

2.Housing – Accommodation needs to be accessible and this can be achieved through adaptations to existing properties and design for independent living within the community

3.Technical Aids/Assistive Devices – These maximise the person’s independence and reduce the need for them to seek assistance from others

4.Personal Assistance – To support the disabled positively so that they can live their life in the way the person chooses.

5.Transport – Access to transport enables disabled people to live a full and active life and to participate in society.

6.Access – To public buildings, streets and recreational facilities (including the countryside)

7.Peer Support and Peer-Group Counselling – Disabled people benefit from being supported by others who have shared experience and expertise through experience. It is empowering to be supported by other disabled people and to have positive disabled role models.

Where all of these needs are met, a person will not be disadvantaged in their social, family, work or education and will not face segregation, isolation or institutionalisation. Services need to include disabled people in decision making, evaluation and in the design of services.

Use to answer question 9.3a of the Care Certificate

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