Employee Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of employees to:

  1. Follow the agreed ways of working as set out in the Person Centred Support Plan to promote safety during the handling of loads.
  2. Take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their activities.
  3. Make full and proper use of appropriate equipment provided for them, in association with their training and/or instructions.
  4. Inform their line manager immediately a problem arises involving the manual handling of a load. They can the re-assess the moving and handling plan.
  5. Inform their line manger immediately if they have any physical condition that might affect their ability to undertake manual handling operations safely.
  6. Ensure that they report any accidental injury they receive resulting from manual handling operations to their line manager so that it can be recorded in the accident book.
  7. Advise their General Practitioner of any adverse health or medical condition that arises involving the manual handling of a load.
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