Unsafe Lifting Practices

Here are some examples of UNSAFE lifting practices which should NEVER be used to move a client:

  • The Australian Lift, which refers to a type of shoulder lift executed by two people, one on each side of the client, who place their shoulders under the patient’s armpit to lift them.
  • The Drag Lift, which refers to the method of lifting where the person pulls/ drags the client up from under the client’s arms.
  • The Orthodox Lift, which refers to the practice of two people standing either side of the client and lifting the client by clasping their wrists under the client’s thighs and back.

If you notice that any staff members are using unsafe moving and handling practice you have a duty of care towards your client to report it to your line manager immediately.

Remember that just because someone has worked in care/ with a client for a long time using one of these ‘unsafe methods’ it does not mean that it is ok for them to continue doing so.

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