The Importance of Enabling Individuals to Develop Skills in Self-Care and to Maintain their own Network of Friends within their Community

Why it is important to enable an individual to regain and build skills in self care:

To maximise their independence and control over their lives

To enable and empower them

To maintain dignity and privacy so that a person can do personal care tasks in private rather than having someone do them for them.

To ensure a person does not lose the skills they already have and builds on these.

To address physical and mental wellbeing. If a person is encouraged to do things for themselves they will be fit and healthy. This will also help to develop self esteem and confidence.

To prevent a person from being disempowered and to boost/restore their self esteem

To maximise their personal integrity

To prevent them from becoming isolated and housebound

Why it is important to maintain a network on friends within the community:

To prevent isolation and to address the risk of them developing associated ill health such as depression

To sustain friendships and to prevent them losing these and the support networks they provide

To maintain links with their cultural heritage

To enable them to take an active part in their community

To use mainstream facilities, such as the barber’s and other shops, where he can have opportunities to socialise with other people

To enable the person to continue to live their life as they choose, by overcoming barriers created by lack of physical access

Use to answer question 7.5d of the Care Certificate

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