Assistive Technology   



Advantages of using a drug administration system

  • Sealed compartments/pods can make administration and self administration easier
  • Helps individuals maintain independence
  • MDS and Biodose are easily portable
  • Lessens the risk of the client receiving the wrong medication
  • MDS contains enough medication for 28 days
  • Avoid duplicated medication administrations
  • Avoid dosage errors
  • The Biodose printed system ensures accuracy in every pod

Disadvantages of using a drug administration system

  • MDS and Biodose systems can prove to be cumbersome if there are too many drugs to be administered, as the blister packs may be large and at risk of being punctured
  • The person administering the medication or self medicating needs to be clear on the date, day and time in an MDS or Biodose system
  • MDS and NOMAD are unsuitable for liquid medication or those with specific storage requirements
  • Biodose pods can only hold 10ml of liquid medication at one time
  • MDS and NOMAD systems are unsuitable for storing controlled drugs due to security
  • In all drug administration systems, if the medication is withdrawn then it may not be removed from the blister pack and could be administered by mistake


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