Errors Made in Medication Administration

A medication error is when a person:

  • Does not receive their medication
  • Receives the wrong medication
  • Receives too much medication
  • Receives medication via the wrong route
  • Receives medication in the wrong form
  • Receives medication in the wrong strength

At best a medication error is an inconvenience, at worst it could lead to death.

If you noticed a medication error has occurred:

  • It is essential to report an error immediately to your line manager co-ordinator to devise a plan to minimise harm. The manager will decide whether emergency treatment is sought or whether to seek advice from the prescriber or pharmacist.
  • Calmly inform the individual of the error
  • Record the error on the medication log including the name of the manager/co-ordinator in the office it was reported to
  • Medication near miss must also be reported
  • Contact the office to complete an incident form recording details of the error.

Use to answer question 13.5viii of the Care Certificate

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