Inhaler Spacers

  • Check consent – ask the client if they are ready for their medication
  • There are several brands of inhaler spacers
  • Volumatic, Nebuhaler, AeroChamber, Able Spacer and Space Chamber plus
  • Spacers are important because they help to deliver asthma medicine to your lungs. They also make your inhaler easier to use and reduce the risk of side effects. Spacers are very important because:


  • they make aerosol inhalers easier to use and more effective
  • you get more medicine into your lungs than when just using the inhaler on its own
  • they are convenient and compact and work at least as well as nebulisers at treating most asthma attacks in children and adults
  • they help to reduce the possibility of side effects from the higher doses of preventer medicines by reducing the amount of medicine that is swallowed and absorbed into the body
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