Medication Audit Process

  • Systems involved in the monitoring and addressing of standards associated with the handling of medication is known as the audit process
  • The audit process provides quality control
  • Through maintaining the standard in the medication policy, every item of medication can be accounted for at every stage of the prescription
  • The audit process therefore covers every aspect of medication management from ordering and prescribing, through to dispensing, receiving, storage, administration and disposal of medicines

Your Role in Auditing Medication

The Active policy provides clear guidance and procedures encompassing current national standards and guidance. The policy details what you need to do to ensure you are working in line with legislation and guidance in all aspects of handling medication. This includes:

  • Undertaking regular stock checks of all prescribed medication
  • Keeping record of all medications received
  • Keeping records of all medications administered to services users including any medications which have been spoiled, refused or intentionally withheld
  • Keeping records of medication which have been returned for disposal

If all staff adhere to the policy it will ensure that medication is handled in a safe manner. It will also ensure that incoming and outgoing medicines can be accounted for and that discrepancies will be highlighted.



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