Other Aids Available for Administering Medication

Grip aids

The Medigrip device will help you to open child resistant caps

and ordinary caps on medicine tablet bottles. It is designed to fit 22, 24, 28, 33 and 38mm caps. Left-handed people can use this product too.






Spacer devices

The spacers make it easier to coordinate with an inhaler. You can

breathe in and out several times with the chamber, so they don’t have to get all the medicine on one breath only.

Types of spacers: Aero chamber, Breath-A-Tech, Fisonair, Nebuhaler and Volumatic. Available on repeat prescription.d



Talking Labels

Talking Labels provide audible guidance in identifying and taking medications. Talking Labels attach to standard medication packaging and allow the patient or the Pharmacist to record and store a voice message, which can then be played back at any time with the push of a button. The label only allows for

one message at a time.

The re-recordable voice message could include the name of the patient, a description of the medication, dosage instructions and any important warning notes.

  • Easy to use – one button to press
  • Large play button
  • Provides audible instructions
  • Re-recordable and reusable
  • Metal clip secures to box packaging
  • Fits all standard pillbox packaging but not bottles.
  • 60 seconds recording time
  • Replaceable button cell batteries, which should be kept at the pharmacy.



Medication Alarms

People who find it difficult to remember to take their medication may chose to use a medication alarm if a medication reminder chart or a tick chart is ineffective. Alarms can help in the following ways:

  • People with hearing impairment can use a medication arm with an LED

flashing display instead of an audio alarm.

  • Some alarms can be pre-set by the Pharmacist for the patient.
  • Some alarms can provide many storage compartments for patients

taking different medication and can open at separate times.

  • There are alarms available that can be worn around the neck.
  • Some alarms can hold up to 31 programmable alarms.
  • There are alarms that double as a wristwatch.j






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