Refusal of Prescribed Medication

All clients have the right to refuse medication, it is unlawful and unethical to force or trick someone into taking medication. If a client is refusing and saying they don’t want to take their medication, you should:

1.Try to find out the reason why e.g. unpleasant side effects? Difficulty swallowing? Time of day? This can establish if there is a problem that needs further investigation or that could be solved. Refer any such concerns to your line manager who will contact the pharmacist or prescriber.

2.Explain calmly the consequences of not taking their prescribed medication.

3.If no reason given, wait a while and ask again.

4.If the medication is still refused, record on the MAR chart using the correct code.

5.Record the reason for the refusal, the action taken and what was done with the refused medication on the medication log.

6.Inform your manager of the refusal so that the situation can be assessed and if necessary, seek advice from prescribing officer.

Use to answer question 13.5ii of the Care Certificate

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