Supporting Those Unable to Consent to Prescribed Medication

  • Capacity around medication must be assessed by a trained professional.
  • Consent must be gained for each medication each time it is administered.
  • If the individual lacks capacity a decision can be made in their best interests.
  • If a decision is made to administer medication covertly, a clear protocol must be drawn up which identifies circumstances medication is administered.

Remember the five principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005:

1.Always assume someone has mental capacity

2.Give them the information they need to make the decision in an accessible format

3.Never say someone can’t make a decision just because someone else thinks it’s unwise or eccentric

4.When an individual can’t make their own decision, someone has to make it in their best interest

5.When someone makes a decision for an individual, it must be the least restrictive option i.e. one that does not limit their rights or freedom more than necessary


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